DR Nusrat Riaz Hospital, Quetta

Pakistan Quetta Jillani Khan Road Satelite Town Quetta
Address: Jillani Khan Road Satelite Town Quetta
Telephone: 0812444425
Timings: 24 Hours


This CTP Treated The Patients Of Cardic, Urology, Gynae,ICU, NICU, Gestro Entrologist, General Surgeon, Orthopadic, ENT,Laproschopic, Labour Rooms Etc


This CTP Also avail The Facilities Of HIV/AIDS And thier Types Of Tests like HBs AG by Elisa, HBS A/HCV/HIV,HCV, HCV by Elisa, HDL,HIV, HIV by Elisa, HCS For Cs HBS AG, HBA1 C, And Also Provide Other types of tests services such as Urine Protein, ANA, Uric Acid,Urinr Dr,Urine Sugar,Vitamins, TB Anti Bodies,TestosteroneThyroid, TSH, STOOL DR and other Routine Tests