The YAD-Pakistan’s response to SDG: 1: No Poverty:
The YAD-Pakistan supports initiatives that tackle poverty from a multisectoral perspective and address the following dimensions:
  • Create opportunities for good and decent jobs, enterprise, entrepreneurship and secure livelihoods in Pakistan
  • Support inclusive and sustainable business practices with engagement of corporate and business communities in Pakistan
  • Promote better government policies and fair and accountable public institutions in Pakistan
  • To develop products and services according to local context, tailored for poor customers (e.g. mobile based money transfer services for unbanked consumers). In Pakistan
  • To Improve access to basic goods and services for Pakistani people living in poverty (e.g. through core business, policy dialogue, business communities investment, public private partnership, social business actions projects & social investment). In Pakistan
  • To recruit, train and employ local community members particularly women, minorities, youth, girls and people living with disabilities, including those living in poverty, and integrate them in your value chain (as producers, suppliers, distributors, vendors). In Pakistan
  • To improve the livelihood sector and engaged people on livelihood projects and promote livelihood opportunities in Pakistan
  • To establish women, minorities and people living with disabilities business incumbent centers and economic career development centers to explore the opportunities in Pakistan
  • Partnership building with diverse civil society, philanthropists, corporate sector, business communities, technical and vocational institutes, chamber of commerce, small traders, universities, academics, think tanks, entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches to provide education, entrepreneurial skills training, technical education, vocational education, business plans, friendly spaces, small and medium development plans, initiatives and project to curb extreme poverty and poverty alleviation in Pakistan
  • To strengthen local food systems and capacity building aimed at improving the production and access to safe food for families with access to market in Pakistan
  • To protect & promote and facilitates for effective implementation of the right to food security and nutrition in Pakistan
  • To promote arts and crafts, small scale business, livelihood, small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurship and micro finance in Pakistan