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Protection of Youth from Falling into the Trap of Radicalization

Protection of Youth from Falling into the Trap of Radicalization

The youth of Pakistan has been ignored in the overall field of life, the youth has been ignored by the parents, teachers, government, elected representatives, legislatures, line departments, political parties, education institutes, professional institutes in all its process including, social, professional training, lack of leadership education of youths, lack of economic opportunities for youth, ignorance of youths in the social growing process.

70% of youths have no clear information about the development, human rights, good governance, political education, civic education, social development, liberalism, socialism, pluralism, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, secularism, tolerance, cultural understanding, love, harmonies & sustainable development, some youths have a passion for Jihads, extremism, radicalization, narrow minds, congested behaviors, vulnerability & most at-risk attitudes, etc.

Most youths have leadership qualities, change indicators, extraordinary skills, passion, enthusiasm but neither government nor non-governmental organizations utilized & flourish their leadership skills for community development & social change, no such opportunities were created for that youth even most youths did not know their inner skills, dynamism, vibrant, their appreciative role for the change of society & new generations, civic education, political education, economic empowerment, etc.

The youth has not been active, empowered, vibrant, dynamic & engaged so far.  Due to several factors ignorance of youth from the parents, society, government, civil society, media, professional institute, technical institute and political parties, lack of economic opportunities, and the most limited infrastructure.

As a result, militants, tribal alliances, separatist groups, sectarian violence groups/organizations, sectarians ban groups/organizations, abductions for ransoms groups, religious extremist elements, ethnic extremists’ elements, insurgent groups, sectarian extremist groups/elements, terrorist groups, and so-called ‘Jihadis’ have become more powerful in Baluchistan and have managed to capture the system.

These actors invite youth to crusade against ‘injustice, pushing youth to radicalization. The lack of positive identity makes youth highly vulnerable and easy prey for a different way of radicalization, terrorists, extremists, and militants.

Youth radicalization is increasing day by day, the youth have been involved in several conflicts like religious conflicts, tribal conflicts, insurgency, separatist movements, sectarian conflicts, ethnic conflicts, taking guns to become part of tribal alliances, sectarian violence, abduction for ransom, kidnapping, burglary, drugs, etc.

YAD appreciates the importance of supporting creating opportunities for youth, particularly the protection of youth and children from falling into the trap of radicalization, targeted youth participation in peacebuilding, social development, community development, and social change, involving youth is crucial to bring about change through an innovative approach of youth activism, peacebuilding, youth engagement, youth empowerment, youth development, leadership development of youth in Baluchistan for countering youth radicalization, creating opportunities for youth, youth economic development, social change & sustainable development.

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