Youth Association for
Development Structure

1. General Body
2. Board of Directors

3. Secretariat/Management Staff

YAD has 25 members supreme council general body, the general body is having overall authority of the YAD at all level, the General body is accountable to law where YAD registered and also accountable to YAD constituents. YAD has a board of directors with 7 members, elected every three years by the organization’s general body, Board of Directors are accountable to YAD general body, the board of directors is responsible for policy guidelines, planning, revision and major decisions taking of the organizations income and expenditure, finances, governance, programs, professional and technical support, while a strong professional team headed by the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for program implementation and is accountable to the board of directors. YAD’s board of directors are accountable to its general body while CEO is accountable to the board of directors the program managers/project manager are accountable to CEO & all field staff are accountable to program managers/project managers of their concerned projects/program. The monitoring & evaluation manager is responsible to monitoring & evaluate the project activities any time but some time unplanned filed visits, his role like watch dog in all project activities. Program Manager admin & finance is responsible to properly manage the accounts transactions of the projects it including cash receipt, cash payments, pay bills, cash book maintaining, ledger maintaining, try balance, liabilities, advances settlements, bank statements reconciliations & properly maintaining of organization transaction on financial manual system according to the organization financial policy & procedures. The CEO of the organization is head of the management responsible for overall administration, planning, management, implementation, reporting to donors, reporting to board members/general body, monitoring, evaluation, technical support, resource mobilization, resource generation & any other assignments by general body & board of directors etc.