The YAD-Pakistan Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) Contribution, Action Campaign & Commits To

  • Engage stakeholders, target groups, target beneficiaries, government, business community, corporate sector, media, civil society, academics and individuals to support in the SDGs implementation through direct people’s engagement
  • Encourage public ownership of the SDGs in every part of country through creative and innovative partnership, engagement,  mechanism, campaigning, lobbying, coalition building, networking, mobilization, awareness razing, capacity building, information, education, communication, creating public private partnership, engaging corporate and business sector  and policy advocacy
  • Strengthen  people-driven processes to strengthen accountability & transparency mechanism, open data, togetherness, citizens generated data, monitoring, evaluation, tracing, tracking, measurement   and assessing SDGs progress through generation/collection of data, evidence, and sentiment about the impact of the SDGs in Pakistan
  • Making an enabling environment for law, legislations, policy change, policy reforms, government actions, community actions, action plans and enforcement of laws and policies
  • To make government accountable, responsible and answerable to the citizens in all aspects to accomplish SDGs in country wide with utilization of resources & potentials
  • Creating space for citizen input through initiating joint venture between the government and citizens, YAD enables people to engage, visualize and analyze people’s voices on sustainable development with series of SDGs focused consultations & actions that intended to ensure the voices of the most marginalized communities are considered during key development moments at local, sub national and national levels.
  • To monitor, evaluate, assess and watch SDGs implementation in Pakistan and wake up the state when observed and seen its failure while implementation of SDGs before 2030.