The YAD-Pakistan’s response to SDG: 2: Zero Hunger
Underlying the food and nutrition situation are multiple challenges in achieving sustainable food production in Pakistan. A rapidly growing population is increasing the demand for food. YAD-Pakistan’s is a working a multisectoral approach and include the following key dimensions:
  • End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture
  • Promotion of integrated approaches for alleviating child hunger and under-nutrition in Pakistan
  • Promotion of sustainable and resilient agriculture and livelihoods for vulnerable households, especially in the context of adaptation to climate change in Pakistan
  • Strengthening of capacities to generate information allowing for improved law, legislations, policy-making through advocacy, lobbying, campaigning, coalition, building, networking, mobilization, capacity building and awareness razing initiative in Pakistan
  • To initiate an integrated approach that addresses all forms of malnutrition, the productivity and incomes of small-scale food producers, resilience of food systems and the sustainable use of biodiversity and genetic resources in Pakistan
  • To increase water and land scarcity, soil, land and biodiversity degradation and more frequent and severe weather events that impact of climate change on agriculture compounds the situation in Pakistan
  • Making systems that more know where our next meal will come from to ensure enough food in for everyone in Pakistan
  • Producing and creating citizen’s generated data, mobile technologies data, government data, advance technologies data and computer model using data on crop growth and weather patterns to advice farmers which crops to plant that can help farmers predict when to plant and harvest their crops and help them get a fair price for their produce to saved farmers from wasting seeds and agricultural inputs during a drought, flood and other natural disasters in Pakistan