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YAD’s Structure

YAD is a membership-based organization

  1. General Body
  2. Board of Directors
  3. Secretariat/Management Staff

General Body: YAD has a supreme council it is called the General Body (GB), the general body constituted through communities/citizens membership, the GB is part of those communities we have worked and we are working, the GB members are comprising the local communities, constituents, women, girls, youth, minorities, and marginalized groups, the GB is having the overall authority of the YAD, the GB is accountable to law where YAD is registered & GB is also accountable to YAD’s constituents, and beneficiaries.

Board of Directors: YAD has 7 members of the board of directors including the President, Vice President, General Secretary, two BOD members, and CEO as ex officio BOD member, the BOD members are electing every three years by the organization’s general body. The board of directors is responsible for policy guidelines and is accountable to the general body.

Secretariat/Management Staff: The YAD’s head office is headed, managed, supervised, and led by the Chief Executive Officer, including a strong professional team, core staff, management staff, project staff, field staff, different sub-offices, branches staff, and support staff, etc. The senior management staff of YAD is the CEO, Admin, Finance Manager, MEAL Manager, Program Manager, Lead Psychologist, Filmmaking, and Communication Manager. The Secretariat/Management Staff is responsible for program implementation and is accountable to the board of directors and general body.