Programmatic Portfolio

Current Projects

1. Access to Quality Health and Life Program for People Living with HIV/AIDS, Youth, Vulnerable Population and High Risky Behaviors in District Quetta Baluchistan, Pakistanr

Donor: Asia Rainbow Grant Program (Gilead Inc) USA

Budget: 50000$

Start Date: 15th April 2020 to 30th April 2021


About: Gilead Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant:

Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant is Gilead Sciences Inc. initiative to support projects that place patients and their communities at the heart of care. To that end, we launched the Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant in 2018, and to date it has granted awards to almost 70 projects from around the region.

About Gilead Sciences, Inc.,

is an American biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Foster City, California, that focuses on researching and developing antiviral drugs used in the treatment of HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and influenza, including Harvoni and Sovaldi.

Gilead Science Inc.

Foster City, CA (Headquarters)

333 Lakeside Drive, Foster City, CA 94404

Phone: +1 650 574 3000, Fax: (650) 578-9264

2.End Early, Child Marriages in District Quetta

Donor:ViiV Health Care (GSK) UK

Budget: 50000 British Pond

Start Date: 27th March 2019 to 26th March 2021

About ViiV Health Care (UK):

We are ViiV Healthcare: 100% dedicated to HIV medicines and research and completely focused on people affected by HIV/AIDS.

ViiV Healthcare group of companies. All rights reserved. ViiV Healthcare UK Limited. Registered in England and Wales No. 06990358.
Registered office: 980 Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 9GS, United Kingdom.

Positive Actions for Women and Girls

ViiV Healthcare
980 Great West Road



3."Collective learning & action to understand & reduce barriers to maternal health services and mainstreaming these at policy and community level" in District Quetta.

Donor: MANNION DANIELS LTD (For Amplify Change) UK

Budget: 99980 EURO

Start Date: 15th April 2020 to 14th March 2021

Amplify Change UK:

Amplify Change launched in 2014 as a project by a consortium consisting of Mannion Daniels, African Women’s Development Fund and Global Fund for Women. Most of our grants (89%) are small grants to small groups, and we have other grant types available for them to form coalition

AmplifyChange Ltd. the not-for profit organization registered in UK under registration number 12482833 (hereafter referred to as AmplifyChange).


Previous Projects

1. Establishing Kids for Peace School and Peace Center

Description & Activities:

Establishing Kids for Peace School and Peace center to provide quality and peaceful education to most deserving, disadvantage, poor, radicalized, vulnerable, children with disabilities, minority children orphan and disadvantage student

Donor Name:

Kids for Peace Global USA

Start Date:

1st March 2017, end date 31st August 2017


District Loralai

Contact person of donor:

Jill McManigal. Co-Founder and Exec. Director of Kids for Peace Office: 760.730.3320, Cell: 760.846.0608, Kids for Peace, 1302 Pine Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92008, USA, Email:

2. Understanding, Analysis and identification of dangerous speech

Description & Activities:

Build the understanding of audience and speakers on dangerous speeches and its negative impacts on the masses which is catalyzing the mass violence, understands, identified and analyst the online & offline dangerous speeches in the target areas and their groups, factors, actors and element, informed the target groups on five defining variables of dangerous speeches, informed cybercrimes bills of Pakistan, Federal investigation agency (FIA) and ministry of interior about dangerous speeches elements and taken concrete actions against these dangerous speeches. Understand, identified & analyzed dangerous speeches through systematic guidelines, standards, protocols & approach. Identified the communities, families, sections, religions, individuals’ affected or victims of dangerous speeches. Kind of violation, kind of victims and kind of affectations of dangerous speeches identified of families, individuals & communities affections & victims of dangerous speeches. Voices, suggestions & recommendation of victims & affectations of dangerous speeches of families, communities & individual incorporated

Donor Name:


Start Date:

1st March 2017, end date 31st August 2017


Baluchistan province

Contact person of donor:

Arpitha Peteru, Program Manager, The Nexus Fund, Phone: +1-646-853-1196, Skype: the nexus fund, Email:

3. End Early/Forced Marriages

Description & Activities:

Tackling, reducing and ending early/child and forced marriages in Baluchistan Pakistan through involvement and engagement of caretakers, gatekeepers, INGOs youth, girls, boys, parents, teachers, political/ religious persons, community elders, marriage registrars, govt. officials elected representatives, legislatures, community, media, civil society, Nikahkhawains, and parliamentarians. Young girls and boys will directly benefit from the project through proper legislations for ending early/child and forced marriages, girls are not brides and boys are not grooms. All the stakeholders and beneficiaries will also be kept in loop for the broader impact of the intervention. The project interventions are awareness raisings, mobilizations, sensitizations, capacity buildings, policy level advocacy, legislations, collaboration and liaison development, action based networks, active participation, development strategies, consultations, uplifting voices for the prevention, referral and rehabilitation of the victims of early marriages, institutionalization of reporting and referral mechanisms to respond effectively for the prevention, referral and rehabilitation of the victims of early marriages.

Donor Name:

ViiV Health Care-PAGW (UK)

Start Date:

1st October 2016, end date 30th September 2018


Baluchistan province

4. Women Peace and Security

Description & Activities:

The aim of this initiative is pathway towards women, peace and security to fights to mass atrocities end genocide and crimes against humanity through 4Ps philosophy that can work (Peace+ Promotion+ Prevention+ Protection) will mitigate and tackle mass atrocities, genocide, crime against humanity which are already happening to prevent these crimes from happening in the future, to promote, strengthen women, peace, security and leadership, preventing conflict and all forms of violence against women in conflict and post conflict situations, protecting and promoting the rights of women in conflict affected situations, ensuring women’s equal participation in the decision-making process through a framework of “4P’s” with involvement of target group, target beneficiaries and all stakeholders in District Quetta, Pakistan.

Donor Name:

N-Peace Network-UNDP Thailand

Start Date:

15 September 2018, End Date: 15 February 2019


District Quetta

Contact person of donor:

JN-Peace Intern, Asia and the Pacific United Nations Development Programme, 3rd Floor United Nations Service Building Rajdamnern Nok Avenue, Bangkok 10200, Thailand, Email:

Activity Based &
Partnership Projects

1. Youth Association for Development (YAD):

With the collaboration of political parties, lawyers, journalists, civil society and local communities around social harmony and peace with a focus on restoring social harmony and building a culture of peace and participation, and partnering with all local stakeholders in the development process. At policy level the activities of programme are operationalized by various means including knowledge generation through policy analysis, policy awareness raising through, dialogues, networking, and information dissemination and mobilizing support of all stakeholders; and policy influencing at local, regional and provincial. YAD strives to empower marginalized communities through its activities and interventions across in different districts of Baluchistan to appreciate the struggle of women, men, minorities and communities in bringing about change in their lives and communities.

2. Kids for Peace (USA):

YAD established Kids for Peace Pakistan chapter YAD is delivering program of Kids for Peace in Baluchistan it include promotion of peace from the start uplifting the society through love and action through involvement of Kids, children, youth, teachers, parents, community, schools, education department, legislatures, policy makers, media and civil society through starting kids for peace global theme “The Kids Powered, World Changing annual calendar model and peace fledge” in ten schools 5 boys and 5 girls of district Quetta, on “The Kids Powered, World Changing annual calendar model and peace fledge” to start the annual calendar and peace fledge in 10 schools. The trained teacher further trained 200-300 teachers on the kids for peace global theme. Starting “The Kids Powered, World Changing annual calendar model and peace fledge” in 10 parents’ schools more than 5000 thousand students learn and benefit from that model and they become peace champion from the start. Engagement of 800-1000 parents to take the follow up of their children in their home work of global theme through conducting 10 “ parents and community engagement sessions on The Kids Powered, World Changing annual calendar model and peace fledge peace from the homes and schools” removing hate materials from curriculums & syllabus to and include peace education, civic education and peace innovation consultation with concerned authorities through sensitization of 120-160 participants, promotion peace through increasing recreational and arts skills and activities with engagement of 1000 students kids and youth, exploring ideas and knowledge sharing concerned with peace through peace exposure visits of 100 students.

3. Peace Jam (USA):

YAD is partner of Peace Jam working in Quetta YAD recently established eight Peace Jam Ambassadors and Leaders groups in Quetta, Loralai, Ziarat, and Pishin serving over 120 young people in the Baluchistan Province. YAD delivering Peace Jam Leaders and Ambassador program within schools and outgoing school children to counter the terrorism, extremism, radicalization promotion of peace to enhance the academic, civic, and social-emotional skills of youth, fostering the essential leadership skills and character traits necessary to create positive change in the area and addressing issues such as bullying, racism & hate, poverty, and apathy through Peace Jam junior, leaders and ambassador curriculums through involvement of students, children, youth, teachers, parents, community, schools, education department, legislatures, policy makers, media and civil society, removing hate materials form syllabus and replacing civic education, peace education, inter faith harmony, inter religious harmony and human rights. Plans are in place to expand the program to four additional regions.

4. International Peace Youth Group-IPYG (South Korea):

YAD is active member of IPYG and implementing the IPYG global project End War Bring World Peace project in Quetta to accomplish this goal YAD conducted several type of activities including awareness seminars, awareness walk, mobilization sessions, consultation meeting on the occasion of 1st Commemorative Ceremony of World Peace under PROJECT: “End War, Bring World Peace.

5. International Peace Youth Group-IPYG (South Korea):

Youth Association for Development (YAD) established Master Peace Club Islamabad and Quetta Master Peace Club Islamabad Pakistan conducted activities on peace through arts, culture, love and forgiveness and public awareness cum mobilization on peace through arts, culture, love and forgiveness master peace club members, foster the best efforts to communicate the Concept, Values and Goals to other communities to involve people in peace building to access to accomplish the goal of mobilize millions of people, to accelerate work for the sake of peace in the broadest sense, including social sustainability, the reduction of armed conflicts and collaboration. This is master peace club Islamabad Pakistan self-help initiative peace through arts, culture, love and forgiveness the master peace club Islamabad, the program aim are Peace-building, to raise the awareness for peace, to impact peace building directly. Community Engagement through this project master peace club Islamabad engaged individuals and organizations to steer change and build peace in their communities, involved participation for the rest of the community. “Make it easy” involved large number of volunteers.

6. Peace First (USA) Pakistan Challenge:

Youth Association for Development (YAD) as partner organization of Peace First (USA) delivering the program Peace First Pakistan Challenge call-to-action to all young people to join a community of peacemakers dedicated to finding compassionate solutions for communities/ world problems. Young people around the world to identify an injustice and develop a solution using a peacemaking lens. The aim of the campaign is to engage youth in meaning full way to be a peace maker citizen. The campaign comprises of five stages; Chose, Help me choose an injustice, Understand, Help me batter understand an injustice , Plan, Start my project planning now , Act, I want to join project and take action.

Completed Projects:

1. Promotion Freedom of Religious and Belief. Duration 6 months, Donor: Minority Rights Group International (UK).
2. Supporting Women CNIC registration and voter education program, Duration 12 months, Donor: Gender Equity Program GEP (USAID).
3. Citizen Awareness for Higher Female Voters turn out, Duration 10 months, Donor: Citizen Voice Project (USAID).
4. Promotion of Minority Rights in Baluchistan, Duration 12 months, Donor: Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).
5. Baluchistan Peace Exchange Journey, Duration 6 moths, Donor: Peace Direct London (UK).
6. Transparency and social Accountability, duration 5 months, budget, Donor: OXFAM GB and PCE.
7. Democratic Governance Program, duration 12 months, donor: Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO).
8. Research and Advocacy on Muslim family law, duration 4 months, Donor: Shirkat Gah Pakistan.
9. Voters Mobilization and civic Education Program, duration: 8 months, Donor: UNDP-SNEP and Network for Electoral Participation (NEP).
10. Community Access to Justice Program, Duration 12 months Donor: Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan (LCJP).
11. Action 2015, duration 6 months, Donor: CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation.
12. Baluchistan Accountability Forum, Duration 3 months, donor: National Endowment for Democracy (NED) AND AID-Baluchistan.
13. ASER, duration 5 months, Donor ITA.